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new14 article on old growth riverwood

Creating new products out of recovered wood

By Jessica Cervantez

RALEIGH – Two North Carolina companies are creating new and unique alternatives to make wood furniture for your home.

Old Growth Riverwood owners Chris and Terrie Metz recover their wood from the Cape Fear River near the coast. "What we do is we go in there and we figure out where the old sawmills were back in the 1800s and then we'll go and retrieve the logs up from there,” explained Chris Metz.

When the process is complete, they can make floors, countertops, picture frames and furniture.

”I am sitting in a Cypress out of wood that is around 300-years old that we took out of the Cape Fear River,” said Terrie Metz of one piece. For every tree taken out of the river, the couple saves 3-5 trees from being but down.

“We're saving the ecosystem, we're not cutting down anything living and we're reusing a product that was harvested 100 years ago,” said Chris Metz.

Others are also jumping onboard. The owner of Barn Wood Classics reclaims his lumber out of 100-year-old tobacco barns.

“Often times they get bulldozed or burned, which just adds to the carbon footprint,” explained Jonathan Kauffman. “By reclaiming the wood you avoid that and you also get a beautiful product that's not really producible from new lumber because the character of the pieces is very unique.”

Old Growth Riverwood can be found in Wilmington, and Barn Wood Classics Furniture Gallery can be found in Charlotte.

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Published: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 07:40 AM

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