Our S5370764ignature Flooring Product: Beautiful wood that has been reclaimed or recovered and incorporated into our modern lifestyles. Unique and one-of-a-kind floors that can never be duplicated. The historic value and recovery process only add to it’s rare beauty. Riverwood, when processed, makes unique flooring and can be stained or left in it’s raw- looking natural state.

Once the trees have been recovered and cut into beams, we turn history into beauty. Our signature product, Riverwood Flooring, is made from kiln dried stock with an average moisture content of 8%. We are committed to providing high quality products for any of your custom needs. The riverwood we use, some of which predates the American Revolution, is of the highest caliber and is no longer grown anywhere in the world.

Although the most popular application of our recovered riverwood is used for hardwood flooring, riverwood is also ideal for fine wainscoting, wall paneling, stair systems, hand-crafted, custom furniture, counter tops, cabinets and more.

5923293Riverwood Heart Pine Flooring
Originally cut between 1700 and 1910, these logs have rich color variations and a tight grain as a result of the chemistry between the wood and the water. Unmatched in beauty and quality.

Riverwood Pine Flooring
Part of the same history, but more cost-effective.

Antique Heart Pine Flooring
Made of up to 95-100% dense grained heart pine, with rich color and small tight knots.

Heart of History Pine Flooring
This version has a masculine and distressed look with a beautiful contrast between black nail holes and rich heart pine color. Cut from the outer layers of reclaimed wood and is 95-100% dense grained heartwood.