Recycled Lumber and Recovered Wood Products and Services Available from Old Growth Riverwood in Wilmington NC

Recycled/reclaimed/recovered lumber is just one of the many green product options available from Old Growth Riverwood. Recycled lumber is preferred by most contractors because it is highly durable, attractive, low maintenance, and of course, advantageous for the environment. Aside from being used in building homes, recycled lumber has a number of other uses such as countertops and custom furniture and is perfect for landscaping and outdoor walkways and living spaces.

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Old Growth Riverwood was started in 2007 on a wing and a prayer. With only an idea and a little inventory, we became business owners. As a business owner, there have been some roadblocks along the way but with our hard work and perseverance it has paid off tremendously. Our little “Green” company has grown by leaps and bounds since 2007. Our customers are and always will be our first priority.

We harvest the wood locally from the Cape Fear River and reclaim wood from old barns and buildings locally, regionally and nationally. All of our wood is recycled right here in Wilmington, NC and we even recycle the wood shavings! We are a small U.S. mom and pop shop and we are proud to brand our products as made in the U.S.A. We love what we do… we love our customers… and, we love our environment!

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