We’re a Favorite Place on Google!

How did we get to be a favorite place on Google?905258

Criteria for Businesses:

How did Google decide which businesses would receive the decal? The list was determined based on the popularity of a business’  Google Places listing, as determined by how many times Google users looked for more information about a business, requested driving directions to get there, and more. Google users “decided” based on their actions, and we sent the decals.

How selective was Google in selecting the businesses to receive the decal? Over 100,000 businesses were identified as Favorite Places, representing
less than 1% of the 28 million U.S. businesses. We believe that our
standards for selecting businesses are as selective or more selective than
other companies which have run similar initiatives.

Can a business which didn’t receive a decal request one? No, it is not possible for a business to request becoming a Favorite Place.